Corporate Account

AIG Offshore Banking offers solutions for your business and its financial needs.

AIG  Corporate Account is an account where you can deposit your corporate earnings and use it as you wish. You can benefit from various banking services from this account.

Advantages of our Corporate Bank Account include:

  1. You can order transfers, payments, corporate invoice payments, withdraw cash, do investments.
  2. Our bank accounts can receive higher interest rates on deposits than many domestic banks offer.
  3. We can offer people access to jurisdiction with stronger economies and stable political environment. This can be beneficial if a resident is in a more unstable market where domestic banking is not as strong.
  4. Personal visit to our Bank is not required.

We provide you with:

  • preliminary consultation on opening of account, bank services, fees and charges;
  • assistance with preparation of the documents and application forms for account opening;
  • obtaining a pre-approval from the bank on account opening, if required;
  • guidance through the account opening process, mediation and communication until you and/or your company is assigned a bank account number.