Debit Cards

 AIG Offshore Banking offers Maestro, Visa, Master Card in USD and Euro.

After receiving the account opening fee and the deposit (or within 5 business days of the receipt of your request for an additional bank card) the Bank sends you the bank card to your mailing address.

The time the postage takes depends on your place of residence. PIN code for your debit card will be mailed separately (for security reasons). Please memorize the PIN code for your card since you will need it each time you would like to withdraw your money. For security reasons, your bank card will be sent to you in inactive status.


We have special offer for NO-NAME plastic cards, where you can see only CARD HOLDER title instead of your personal name


How can I activate my bank card?
You can call our Representative office at +44 775 608 8363 to activate your bankcard. Please, have available your personal and account details so that we will be able to securely identify you.

What should I do upon expiry date of my bank card?

Your bank card is valid for 3 years until the last day of the month stated on your bank card. The Bank will automatically issue your new bank card upon expiry date provided that there is available balance on your account covering the bank card renewal fee.

When you receive your new bank card and activate it before expiry date, your existing bank card will be deactivated automatically at the same time.