Private & Personal Banking

Private banking is for individuals and their families who seek exceptional personal service, provided by experienced banking and investment management professionals. We offer an array of resources and services that can be customized to meet your changing needs including investment management and wealth planning, residential mortgages, personal banking services and online banking.

AIG Offshore Banking offers convenient solutions for your different personal financial needs.

Personal Current Account is an ordinary account where you can deposit your individual earnings and use it as you wish. You can benefit from various banking services from this account. Using this account, you can order transfers, payments, private invoice payments, withdraw cash, do investments.

Your relationship with the bank allows you to open a bank account, without the need of any personal information appearances.

We will provide you with:

  • preliminary consultation on opening of account, bank services,fees and charges;
  • assistance with preparation of the documents and application forms for account opening;
  • obtaining a pre-approval from the bank an account opening, if required;
  • guidance through the account opening process, mediation and communication until you are assigned a bank account number.
  • The bank offers accounts catering to multiple currencies, giving you the freedom to trade in any market you wish. We advise you to consider the best currency for your account given the world's economic situation.

Debit Cards

AIG Offshore Banking   offers Maestro, Visa, Master Card in USD and Euro.

After receiving the account opening fee and the deposit (or within 5 business days of the receipt of your request for an additional bank card) the Bank sends you the bank card to your mailing address.

The time the postage takes depends on your place of residence. PIN code for your debit card will be mailed separately (for security reasons). Please memorize the PIN code for your card since you will need it each time you would like to withdraw your money. For security reasons, your bank card will be sent to you in inactive status.


We have special offer for NO-NAME plastic cards, where you can see only CARD HOLDER title instead of your personal name


How can I activate my bank card?
You can call our Representative office at +32 2808 4429 to activate your bankcard. Please, have available your personal and account details so that we will be able to securely identify you.

What should I do upon expiry date of my bank card?

Your bank card is valid for 3 years until the last day of the month stated on your bank card. The Bank will automatically issue your new bank card upon expiry date provided that there is available balance on your account covering the bank card renewal fee.

When you receive your new bank card and activate it before expiry date, your existing bank card will be deactivated automatically at the same time.


Deposit Account

AIG Offshore Banking  Deposit accounts help you reach your goals

Whatever it is that you're saving for, AIG has a suite of deposit accounts that makes it easier and more convenient to reach your goals. Like every AIG account, they come loaded with standard features for added convenience. Use this account comparison table to help you choose the right account for you.


Currency Annual interest Minimum deposit time  

 provides fast and error-free international money transfer services in all major currencies for your business transactions.At AIG Offshore Banking   Asset Management, we provide investment products and services to private clients, financial intermediaries and institutional investors around the world.

Our offering includes: active, risk controlled and indexed investment management in equity and fixed income; asset allocation; risk and currency management; dynamic alpha strategies; advisory services; exchange-traded funds; hedge fund strategies including single and multi-manager investment areas and real estate. These investment management services are offered in the form of segregated, pooled and advisory mandates and through a variety of registered investment funds.

Creating Wealth
We provide solutions for the diverse needs of both our wealthy clients and those who aspire to become wealthy, enabling each individual to structure their finances as efficiently as possible.

Local delivery of our capabilities and services ensures we are able to bring the benefits of our global investment platforms and resources to clients in all locations.

Wealth Protection
Whatever happens in life, we can work with you to make sure that you and your family is provided for. Premature death, injury and serious illness can affect the most health conscious individuals and even the most diligent workers can be made redundant.

One important part of the wealth management process is to develop a protection strategy that continually remains relevant to your situation. We can help you put steps in place to protect your standard of living, and that of your family, in the event of an unexpected event. We achieve this by assessing your existing arrangements and providing you with guidance on how to protect your wealth and family.