Private & Personal Banking

AIG Offshore Banking offers convenient solutions for your different personal financial needs.

Personal Current Account is an ordinary account where you can deposit your individual earnings and use it as you wish. You can benefit from various banking services from this account. Using this account, you can order transfers, payments, private invoice payments, withdraw cash, do investments.

Your relationship with the bank allows you to open a bank account, without the need of any personal information appearances.

We will provide you with:

  • preliminary consultation on opening of account, bank services,fees and charges;
  • assistance with preparation of the documents and application forms for account opening;
  • obtaining a pre-approval from the bank an account opening, if required;
  • guidance through the account opening process, mediation and communication until you are assigned a bank account number.
  • The bank offers accounts catering to multiple currencies, giving you the freedom to trade in any market you wish. We advise you to consider the best currency for your account given the world's economic situation.